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Midwest hip-hop/neo-soul for the future. With female-fronted raps, and delicious beats, their music is uniquely memorable, catchy, and accessible.

The brainchild of musicians Gretchen McKenzie-Trost (vox) and Luke Arquette (prod/dj), Blanco Suave has released one self-titled EP, with an upcoming album to be released in the summer of 2020. 

From music blog, Gems and Secrets:

"...the exact definition of being a 'gem'. We're obsessed. The style, the sounds, the vocal production, it's all flawless. Blanco is bringing something really fresh and creative to the table and to be honest, we're hooked. It's really awesome to hear something as refreshingly interesting and original sounding - but we're happy it exists."

The band performs both as a duo, and with full live instrumentation.

The band features:

--Devyn Trost (Bass)  

--Dylan McKenzie-Trost (Drums)

--Patrick Booth (Saxophone)

--Tom Tarkleson (Keys)

Their high-power sets are marked by undeniable individual & collective audience connections. Blanco Suave is guaranteed to get any crowd moving. 

Want to bring them to your town? Use the Contact form on the website for booking details. 


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