Earmilk says Michigan based lo-fi neo-soul/hip-hop duo Blanco Suave treat us to some good old fashioned head-nodding jam in the form of their new single 'Redlite'.  The duo flip the meaning of a booty call on its head and turn it into a romantics dream. Need I say more? just hit the play button and get with the groove." 



 Word Is Bond calls Blanco Suave "...intensely human and raw," and a "unique brand of insightful hip-hop." 


Gems and Secrets says:

"I think we can proudly say Blanco Suave's 'Your Back Teeth' is the exact definition of being a 'gem'. We're obsessed. The style, the sounds, the vocal production, it's all flawless. Blanco is bringing something really fresh and creative to the table and to be honest, we're hooked. It's really awesome to hear something as refreshingly interesting and original sounding - but we're happy it exists"

From Marquette Monthly: 

"Rapping metaphorical poetry over smooth, euphoric jazzy production, Blanco Suave brings a unique sound to the Marquette music scene."

Hip Hop Headquarters says, "A humorous perspective on the ideal uses of male genitalia in politics and life, “If I Had A” from Blanco Suave is a catchy breath of fresh air

Pleasantly heavy, and chock-full of hard-hitting lyrics that are especially relevant in today’s politically charged atmosphere. 

Hearing lyrics such as, '…my dick so fat I need a wheelbarrow to pull it in. It’s too heavy, I don’t need back problems…' from the mouth of a fiery female MC is fun and unforgettable."

From Stereofox; "special news - BLANCO SUAVE dropped their debut, self-titled album and it is gorgeous."

"...I adore the combo of smooth instrumental and powerful flow. Definitely check the whole album, you'll thank me later."

Also from Stereofox: "one thing's for sure - the video game-esque synthesizers & the witty lyrics are pure winner. 

She's actually quite a fresh up-and-coming artist, so happy that we can support her from the beginning of career. Mark my word - these guys is going far!"